(Yes, this is me)
Welcome to any of you wonderful humans reading this 🙂 My name is Laura, and I’m pretty new to this kind of thing. I’m a 21 year old Linguistics graduate from the UK who’s just trying to have some fun and express her thoughts, so apologies in advance for the occasional wordy post!
However not just wordy posts, but this blog means to explore a whole range of topics. There’s something for everyone here! Prepare yourselves for book reviewing, lifestyle-ing, comment and opinion-ing and smiling to come!

Finally, a disclaimer: this project is by all means a hobby and not full-time, so posts will not be regularly released/follow a structure. I hope that what is lacking in regularity can be made up for in content. I’m excited to begin!

Much love to you,
Laura x

(Gif provided by giphy.com and makeagif.com)

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